Re: PHIL: Why no text in VRML???

Scott Nelson (
Fri, 24 Feb 1995 10:55:02 -0800

A font is a good idea. I'd propose a simple 2D font based
on some simple base font. If the user wants anything more
complex, then they can build it themselves. I'd like to
avoid the whole FONTS issue with VRML.

I'd suggest looking at how PovRAY creates their font libraries
and just use one of the 2D constructs as the "default" font. Or
we could use the same method that Inventor uses???

More font capabilities can wait until VRML 1.1!!! Let's get
1.0 out first please... :-)

Scott Nelson

On Feb 24, 10:45am, Chris Marrin wrote:
> Subject: Re: PHIL: Why no text in VRML???
>> I personally do not remember any such discussion. If none exists in the
>> hypermail archive, it may never have happened. Does OI proscribe a text
>> (I go and check my InventorMentor)
>> Yes, I see it does. That *is* rather strange, isn't? We should fix this.
>> What do you propose?


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