Re: PHIL: Why no text in VRML???

Chris Marrin (
Fri, 24 Feb 1995 10:45:14 -0800

> I personally do not remember any such discussion. If none exists in the
> hypermail archive, it may never have happened. Does OI proscribe a text
> (I go and check my InventorMentor)
> Yes, I see it does. That *is* rather strange, isn't? We should fix this.
> What do you propose?

I've talked with Gavin about this a bit. I believe something like the SoText3
node would work fine but we should leave out the "parts" field or we'll have to
implement SoProfile and I think extruded text is too much for now. I'm not
sure how the VRML spec deals with this sort of thing. Perhaps the parser
should accept this field and ignore it.

We need a font node of some sort. Rather than using the SoFont node as is I
think something that more closely matches the HTML way of specifying fonts
would be more portable among the various machines. I'll work up a proposal and
post it.

I don't think we need a SoText2 node.

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