Re: Re[4]: proposed new Media Type application/iges

Keith Moore (
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 14:32:44 -0500

> In response to Ed Levinson's question. If 3-D is being put through
> as a new MIME type then it seems to make a great deal
> of sense to register IGES as a 3-D MIME type.
> However, if the 3-D proposal does not pass, then
> we can take the fall-back position of registering
> IGES as an "image" type. I think it is essential
> that IGES be put in the category that most closely
> fits its functionality.

Please be aware that it will probably take several months to
accomplish this, because it requires working group approval and
publication of an RFC. Since this might be seen as setting a
precedent, whatever working group is told to handle this will probably
want to spend some time coming up with well-defined criteria for
future top-level MIME types.

While there's always the possibility that these issues will be
resolved quickly, I wouldn't want to count on it.

Keith Moore