Re[4]: proposed new Media Type application/iges

Alan Peltzman (peltzmaa@CC.IMS.DISA.MIL)
Wed, 22 Mar 95 18:30:47 EST


To be perfectly accurate, IGES is also
a 3D geometry format - that's the problem
with putting IGES in as an "image" type
(unless we liberalize the notion of "image").

Would you support a new MIME type that
can embrace VRML, IGES, STEP and other 3D geometry?
If so, what would you call this new type?

If you do not support the notion of a new MIME type
I would like your opinion as to the
best place (type/subtype) to put VRML.

- Alan Peltzman
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Subject: Re: Re[2]: proposed new Media Type application/iges
Author: (Linas Vepstas) at smtp
Date: 03/22/95 06:20 PM


> handling 3D images, and you could argue that you need different

VRML is not a 3D image format. It is a 3D geometry format.

For example:
GIF & JPEG are 2D image formats.
GKS is 2D geomtery format.
USGS Digital Elevation Models are 3D "image" formats; ditto
for MRI scanner output, PET Tomography, oil-field data, etc.

signed, the quibler, linas