RE: proposed new Media Type application/iges

Jan Hardenbergh (
Wed, 15 Mar 95 18:53:00 E

> Media type name: application
> Media subtype name: iges

> IGES is a commonly used format for CAD model (3-D or 2-D) interchange.

An alternative is to make it part of a new content (Media?) type, as
opposed to a subtype of "application". IGES serves many applications.

We are working toward proposing "world" as part of the VRML effort.
VRML is a 3D extension to the Web. Check out
The prototypes are proceding with x-world/x-vrml (and the less polite
using simply world/vrml)

I strongly believe that the 3D model is a fundemental datatype. IGES is
one, DXF, CGM (with 3D extensions), dof, off, iff, iv as well as
application specific files.

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