Re: VRML v1.0 Questions/Proposals

Steffen Meschkat (
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 01:23:48 +0100 (MET)

> > ... This texture should be a URL
> > to a texture file.
> "Which do you like better: "url" (could be a problem if URN's ever happen)
> "name", "filename", "externalReference"?"

What about SRC like the attribute of the HTML IMG tag? It is not beautiful,
but economic to use the same name for the same thing.

> > Also, what format is this texture in?
> That is another unresolved issue. I think we should take the lead of HTML
> and leave the supported formats unspecified (see:
> for the HTML <IMG> spec); it doesn't seem to have hurt HTML.

The image type should remain negotiable by an appropriate mechanism, like
the one of HTTP. This is not implemented (or at least used) yet,
but specified, and very flexible and simple.

> > - VRML should also be able to set named camera positions.
> ... how about this scheme:
> Extend the VRML URL syntax to allow a link plus changes; the syntax could be:
> ?SET:nodeName={value},nodeName={value}

Rather ``#'' instead of ``?'', since it is the client's issue how
to initialize the view into the VRML scene.


Steffen Meschkat