Products & Projects for SIGGRAPH course notes

Jan Hardenbergh (
Wed, 15 Mar 95 17:47:00 E

Gavin Bell and I are giving a 1/2 day course on VRML at SIGGRAPH this year.

I'd like to get as many VRML browser descriptions as I can for the course
notes which are due early in May. So, I need the descriptions in mid/late
April to fold them into the notes.

If you happen to be planning to make an announcement in the next month
or so, please make a note to send me a copy electronically (
I'd rather not have any non-public information since I cannot speak for it
it gets sent into the SIGGRAPH notes processing.

By putting things in the course notes you give a license for unlimited
but you retain the copyright.

I also plan to briefly describe some of the projects using VRML or related
technology. For example, the Holocaust museum, WaxWeb was described
at the WWW conference, OOGL, Tecate, DIVE, MERL, from a quick scan.
If you know of any others that can be described in the mid/late April
I'd love to hear about them.

So, put a post-it up to send me copies of any announcements you make in the
next month. Thanx