Re: x-world/x-vrml vs. world/x-vrml vs. world/vrml

Scott Nelson (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 13:15:46 -0800

>From the feedback that I got from Keith Moore and based on
Jan's comments, I'll change the recommendations as stated in the
Viewer Test Page (
to x-world/x-{vrml,iv,oogl}.

For the chemistry type, based on Henry Rzepa's comments we'll
leave them as chemical/x-{pdb,etc.} for now and change to
chemical/{pdb,etc.} once the chemical RFC is approved.

Hope this doesn't cause too much confusion. Seems like
Mosaic and Netscape should be smart enough to look for the
non 'x-' kinds if they can't find the 'x-' kinds (maybe they
do and I just don't know it???). That would make the change over

Scott Nelson

On Feb 9, 3:00pm, Jan Hardenbergh wrote:
>Scott Nelson asks:
>> Which of the following should we be using right now:
>> x-world/x-vrml
>> world/x-vrml
>> world/vrml
>The MIME content type "world" is not in the IANA's current registration
>list. So,
>I think we should be using x-world/x-vrml. The registration procedures
>say we must submit an RFC before we can ask for registration. Is anyone
>thinking about going to the IETF meeting in Danvers, MA 3..7-APR-95?


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