Re: x-world/x-vrml vs. world/x-vrml vs. world/vrml

Jan Hardenbergh (
Fri, 10 Feb 95 10:23:00 E

> From: "Scott Nelson" <>
> >FYI, with respect to Inventor (.iv) files, there is already a convention
> >used by SGI and other Inventor vendors:
> > application/x-inventor
> The VRML spec suggests world/iv. Does everybody agree that a
> world/iv file WILL BE THE SAME as a standard Inventor file?
> (I know it sounds like a strange question). If so, then we should
> be using application/x-inventor.
> Thanks for any feedback.

I agree. This makes perfect sense. The Inventor file format is an
specific file formation, but it also will be a "world" content type, too.