RE: x-world/x-vrml vs. world/x-vrml vs. world/vrml

Jan Hardenbergh (
Thu, 09 Feb 95 15:00:00 E

Scott Nelson asks:
> Which of the following should we be using right now:
> x-world/x-vrml
> world/x-vrml
> world/vrml

The MIME content type "world" is not in the IANA's current registration
list. So,
I think we should be using x-world/x-vrml. The registration procedures
say we must submit an RFC before we can ask for registration. Is anyone
thinking about going to the IETF meeting in Danvers, MA 3..7-APR-95?

Here is the IANA's current list. (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)

There is also this from: RFC 1521 Appendix E -- IANA Registration Procedures
E.1 Registration of New Content-type/subtype Values

Note that MIME is generally expected to be extended by subtypes. If a new
fundamental top-level type is needed, its specification must be published as
an RFC or submitted in a form suitable to become an RFC, and be subject
to the Internet standards process.

Subject: Registration of new MIME

MIME type name:

(If the above is not an existing top-level MIME type,
please explain why an existing type cannot be used.)
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