Re: Mitsubishi Demo in IEEE Computer

Olof Hagsand (
Tue, 27 Dec 1994 11:31:53 +0100

>Here are some pointers to replicated database systems:
>I believe that CMU is the source of ISIS - a replicated database that is
>used in Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment (from SICS in Sweden).
>The DIVE folks gave some presentations at VRAIS '93 and their names and
>contact information are: Stephen Travis Pope ( and Lennart E.
>Fahlen ( There is plenty of ftp-able information about DIVE
>and how it works. I think I heard that up to 4 people can be in their
>environment at once, but then it gets too slow. I may be wrong, so if
>someone has better information, please correct me.

I just want to get some facts straight concerning the DIVE
information. Ken Birman at Cornell University is the origin of Isis,
a tool for distributed programming used by DIVE. However, we are
currently developing a version of Dive which is not based on Isis at
all, instead we use "lighter" multicast protocols based on IP
multicast. With these, the number of participants is rising well
above a handful, presently we have succeeded to above 10-20
participants, but we hope we will be able to support yet an order of

It is in this work that we are following the www/VRML discussion
closely. is thw home web page.

Primary email contact is to get a copy of the
software. This is still the Isis-based version 2.2, but we hope to
upgrade this version shortly. General dive related questions can
be made to me or to

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