Re: VRML, the client and the third component

Anthony Parisi (
Mon, 26 Dec 1994 16:40:39 -0800 (PST)

> I'm willing to put together a spec/faq/digest for the interaction,
> animation and mud/moo issues, if someone volunteers to provide a
> URL - home for the resulting document (our IBM types are picky about
> what goes out on their corporate web server).
> Also -- a show of hands from everyone please -- let me know if you
> think this would be a waste of time, or is a useful undertaking.
> --linas

Oh, please do! You'd be doing us all a great service.

Of any of the discussions on this list, these should be tracked. They are
the most important in the long run, and will require the most careful
consideration. They are also getting short shrift now so that we can
complete the version 1.0 spec. I'd hate to lose any gems because we're
focused on the short term issues.

tony parisi "In cyberspace, no one can hear you type"