Re: VRML, the client and the third component

David Cake (
Sat, 24 Dec 1994 12:28:38 +0800

One interesting thing that people who want more interaction in VRML
servers might want to check out is ScriptX from Kaleida. While I definately
do not want to suggest that it should be part of any VRML standard,
creating interactive VRML apps using ScriptX should not be that hard, which
is a good indication that the VRML strategy (to make a network savvy 3d
description formatk, not yet another full language for a small purpose) is
a pretty good idea.

>I'm willing to put together a spec/faq/digest for the interaction,
>animation and mud/moo issues, if someone volunteers to provide a
>URL - home for the resulting document (our IBM types are picky about
>what goes out on their corporate web server).
>Also -- a show of hands from everyone please -- let me know if you
>think this would be a waste of time, or is a useful undertaking.
I think that a faq would definately be a good idea.
David Cake