Mitsubishi Demo in IEEE Computer

Jan Hardenbergh (
Tue, 20 Dec 94 13:35:00 E

The December 1994 issue of IEEE Computer magazine has
an article showing a 3D rendered virtual environment that
multiple people participate in remotely. It has very little
technical detail, but it does have an 11 panel (~33 frame)
comic strip of the rendered images that one user sees with
the voices they hear. It has a physics modelling component.
It claims technical details are in December 1994 IEEE MultiMedia.
Can anyone confirm that? Is it worth finding?

Worth looking at in color - do not work too hard to see a B&W copy.

As long as I'm pointing - good VR pointers @

Also, someone in itally is working on MM-WWW-PC, a library
to control the viewer from another app. I asked how this related
to CCI, but got no answer -

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