Re: Mitsubishi Demo in IEEE Computer

John W. Barrus (
Tue, 20 Dec 1994 14:35:56 -0500

>The December 1994 issue of IEEE Computer magazine has
>an article showing a 3D rendered virtual environment that
>multiple people participate in remotely. It has very little
>technical detail, but it does have an 11 panel (~33 frame)
>comic strip of the rendered images that one user sees with
>the voices they hear. It has a physics modelling component.
>It claims technical details are in December 1994 IEEE MultiMedia.
>Can anyone confirm that? Is it worth finding?
>Worth looking at in color - do not work too hard to see a B&W copy.

It is worth getting the MultiMedia article, but I don't think you need a
color version. All of the technical content is contained in the MultiMedia
article. I will work on getting some of the info (maybe the comic strip)
up on the web so that people can look at it. Our web server is
"" but there is nothing specific about that particular
project yet.

John B.


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