Re: Re[2]: WWWlogical idea

Marc H. (
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 12:49:41 -0800 (PST)

>My question: Would it be appropriate to specify a suite of "standard local
>objects" within the specification? Then the browser would be responsible for
>providing anything that appears on the list of standard local objects -- SLOs

> The HTML/HTTP folks have been looking at something similar to
> deal with the plathora of little decorative widgets that
> are being moved around. Presumably, in the future they
> will just start distributing a standard library of:
> colored lines
> colored balls
> graphical arrows in little boxes
> etc.

ugh. Seems like there would be no way to keep up with the jonses if
we're talking about largely decorative objects (such as the "little red
ball" image virus Scott's referring to in HTML). Everyone would stop
using the standard dingbats for the same reason everyone came up with
the little red balls in the first place -- the "standard" list bullets
were boring.

Reading the first message, I was thinking more along the lines of common
objects (doors? books?) in a vrml space -- more analogous to HTML's <hr>
than decorative objects. Like <hr> and list bullets, these could be
supplanted by more decorative local versions, or left as defaults.

Apologies if this is way off-base; newish to the list.