Re[2]: WWWlogical idea
Wed, 07 Dec 1994 11:43 -0800 (PST) (Mark Waks) wrote:

>> For a possible alternative, consider one thought that I've been
>> playing with for some time (I proposed it here a long time ago) --
>> keyword-selected objects. In this scheme, you can provide keywords as
>> an alternative to the URL for an object; if the local system has an
>> object that fits those keywords, then it just uses that instead of
>> loading the URL across the Net. (Lew Hitchner) writes:
> I say -- excellent idea! I think this is a great example of
> extending Al and Creon's suggestion for including logical
> specifications in VRML.

My question: Would it be appropriate to specify a suite of "standard local
objects" within the specification? Then the browser would be responsible for
providing anything that appears on the list of standard local objects -- SLOs :)


aka Dennis McQuerry