Re: Re[2]: WWWlogical idea

Mark Waks (
Wed, 7 Dec 94 14:56:47 EST

McQ asks:
>My question: Would it be appropriate to specify a suite of "standard local
>objects" within the specification? Then the browser would be responsible for
>providing anything that appears on the list of standard local objects -- SLOs :)

I'd be inclined not to. For one thing, I *strongly* doubt that the folks
doing the spec'ing are going to accurately guess what the popular objects
are -- one beauty of the Web is the organic way in which things can get
popular, quite suddenly and unexpectedly. Also, we want to allow for
very simple, low-weight browsers. So unless these objects were *extremely*
basic (in which case, they'd probably be pretty dull), I don't see the
point. The number of objects that a browser wants locally could easily
vary by several orders of magnitude from system to system...

On the other hand, if we wound up implementing this idea, I would
*definitely* want to create a browser that can read from CD-ROM, with
an eye towards eventually issuing a disk chock-full of useful toys...

-- Justin

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