Re: Scripts vs APIs

Robert Foster (
Tue, 6 Sep 94 16:00:57 EDT

APIs, Viewers, VR Browsers, etc. are, to my mind, all applications that
would be built on top of VRML once VRML has been defined. Expanding the
scope of VRML should be left for later revisions with holes left in the
definition of the language to allow for later expansion/revision.

After all, VRML is meant to be used on the Internet. That is a very wide
and varied environment. Is VRML meant to make the WWW itself easier to
navigate? Is VRML meant to allow transfers of every kind of VR/3D file

The scope and purpose of VRML will be clearer, as is the case
with most computer software projects, once the basics of the system
are built and functional. I suggest we start with a basic definition,
as is being done, and those that see a problem in the definition should
point it out. We need to start with the basic 3D object definition and
go from there.

Robert K. Foster
Analyst / Designer / Programmer
Mid-Michigan MRI, Inc., Lansing, MI, USA