Re: Office Space ;) and coordinate systems

Gavin Bell (
Tue, 6 Sep 1994 13:27:43 -0700

On Sep 6, 11:06am, Michael D. Doyle wrote:
> It is presumptuous of us to think that we can dissect the problem of
> scene description to create a level of abstraction that will be
suitable for
> all circumstances.

But we don't need to.

HTML is a perfect example of a standard that isn't perfect
for everything, but does 90% of what 90% of the people using
it want to do-- it is good enough. And it is flexible
enough that you can usually find a workaround to do what you
want to do (like imbed an image of your formatted equations
since it doesn't support equations, or whatever).

I think VRML can be at least as useful and flexible for
3D stuff as HTML is for 2D text, without an API or
scripting language.