Scripts vs APIs

Michael D. Doyle (
Thu, 1 Sep 1994 16:58:42 -0700

One relevant issue that the previous Viola-related discussion raises is that
there are several different approaches to accomplishing the goals of VRML.
Viola's approach, exploiting HTTP tranfer of and local processing of a
client-specific scripting language, represents one end of the spectrum. Our
approach, let's call it Mosaic-OLE for now, uses an API to allow linking and
embedding of heterogeneous binary program objects. Each approach has
several unique implications relating to resource requirements, computational
load, bandwidth requirements, security considerations, etc.

So far, most of the discussion here has revolved around scripting languages,
rather than API-related approches. I would propose that API-based embedding
would provide a more efficient means for taking advantage of the current
state of the art in virtual reality technology as we develop the VRML standards.

>Can we take this discussion off the list and maybe post a summary of the
>results? Sorry, but I must point out that it is only tangentially relevant
>to the actual VRML charter. Thanks :)
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