Re: Scripts vs APIs

Gavin Nicol (
Fri, 2 Sep 1994 00:50:16 +0500

>So far, most of the discussion here has revolved around scripting languages,
>rather than API-related approches. I would propose that API-based embedding
>would provide a more efficient means for taking advantage of the current
>state of the art in virtual reality technology as we develop the VRML

I agree. Having done a scripting languages based distributed
hypermedia system, and also having done work with CORBA etc., I can
say that scripting languages are easier to implement, can be more
flexible, and offer a rather interesting model of computation (in
terms of processes, threads, agents etc)

API on the other hand offers seamless distribution (ie, with
sufficient abstraction, one need not be ware of where ones objects
are). I think that this is ultimately where the world of computing
will move, and trying to combine scripting and transparent
distribution tends to be somewhat hard.