Re: Office Space ;) and coordinate systems

Kevin Goldsmith (
Fri, 2 Sep 1994 22:48:22 -0700 (PDT)

> By automatic scaling I meant that a person`s `current` VR environment
> would have a particular scale based on a metric unit such as a meter.
> When you link to another VR `location`, or import a VR object, the scale
> of the new object/location should be available via VRML. If the new object
> is say 1 meter by 1 meter by 1 meter then it would be placed visually so
> that it's size corresponds to the same area in your current environment.
> Moving to a new location would cause a change in the current scale.
this would not be an issue if there was a standard scale (1 unit
= 1 meter) and all objects were in those units. (or at least looked like
they were in those units to the rest of the world).

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> :: Also, API vs. language: do you mean that there is a VRML library and we
> :: write applications that link to it? Explain further (if I am being
> :: stupid, then return via e-mail).
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> :: Kevin
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> I don`t entirely understand your question but I`ll take a stab at it. I
> tend to conceptualize a project without regard to coding it at all.
Yeah, my question was very much a coding vs non-coding question.