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3 Information sources

3.1 References

3.1.1 Standards and related documents

Standards ratified by the IEEE should be available from the IEEE.

Many of the standards have a rationale document and a guidance document
associated with them. Draft standards, guidance documents and rationale
documents are available from the Institute for Simulation and Training (IST).

The contact address for IST documents is
UCF Center for Continuing Education
PO Box 160950
Florida 32816-0950

Tel: (407) 823-6113

Standards are not generally available online. I believe this is because both
IEEE and IST rely on the sale of standards documents for part of their income.

A brief summary of the available standards is given below. This may not be
complete or up to date, contact IST for the most up to date list.

Standard for Distributed Interactive Simulation - Application Protocols. This
is currently at version 2.0 fourth draft (document IST-CR-93-40). A working
draft of version 3.0 is also available. V2.0.4 will be submitted to the IEEE
as draft standard 1278.1 for balloting in May 1994.

Enumeration and Bit Encoded Values for Use with Protocols For Distributed
Interactive Simulation. This is an appendix to the Application protocols
standard (document IST-CR-93-46).

A rationale document for version 2.0 is also available (document

Standard for Distributed Interactive Simulation - Communication Architecture
Requirements (document IST-CR-94-15). This was known as Communication
Architecture for Distributed Interactive Simulation (CADIS). Version 1.0
will be submitted to the IEEE as draft standard 1278.2? for balloting in
May 1994.

A rationale document (document IST-CR-93-42) and a guidance document (document
IST-CR-94-17) are also available with this standard.

Standard for Distributed Interactive Simulation - Exercise Control and Feedback
Requirements (document IST-CR-94-12). Version 1.0 will be submitted to the
IEEE as draft standard 1278.3 for balloting in May 1994.

A rationale document is also available with this standard (document

Standard for Distributed Interactive Simulation - Fidelity Description
Requirements (document IST-CR-94-13). Status?

A rationale document is also available with this standard (document

IEEE Std 610.3-1989, IEEE Standard Glossary of Modeling
and Simulation Terminology is available from IEEE.

Also available is IEEE Std 610, IEEE Standard Computer
Dictionary, A compilation of IEEE Standard Computer
Glossaries. This document includes the definitions of
IEEE 610.3.

Other important documents available from IST include :

The DIS Guidance Document (IST-TR-94-08). This document is the guidance
document for the development process. It explains the workshop structure and
provides details of the various working groups.

The DIS Vision - A Map to the Future of Distributed Simulation. This was
distributed as a comment draft with the proceedings of the ninth workshop. It
has not yet been formally released.

DIS Operational Concept (IST-TR-93-25). This is superseded by the DIS vision.

Minutes of the DIS workshops (there have been ten workshops up to and including
March 1994).

Some of these may also be available from UKSIWG.

3.1.2 Other references

In addition to the sources listed above the following references are likely to
be useful.

"Coordinate Transformations in Distributed Interactive Simulation", Kuo-Chi Lin
and Huat Ng, Simulation Vol 61 No 5, November 1993

3.2 Online info

3.2.1 Mailing lists

A number of mailing lists related to modelling and simulation including several
relating to DIS are maintained on a node of the DMSO modelling and simulation
system at IST. To obtain a list of current lists, send a message to ...

In the body of the message, on the first and only line, put the word ...


You will receive a list of the available lists.

To subscribe to a mailing list send a message with the single line


in the body of the message

A mailing list for members of the UK Simulation Interoperability Working Group
(UKSIWG) is run on their bulletin board at DRA Malvern. Messages for the list
should be sent to . To subscribe send a message to .

3.2.2 Bulletin Boards

Three main bulletin boards are maintained for DIS information. They all run
gopher so data on one will be accessible from all the others.

The Modeling and Simulation Information System (MSIS) is maintained by the
defense modelling and simulation office (DMSO). For details and a registration
form you may contact the M&S system's Administrative Support at:

Modeling and Simulation Information System
ATTN: Administrative Support
1901 N. Beauregard Street, Suite 510
Alexandria, VA 22311

(703) 379-3770 (phone)
(703) 379-3778 (fax) (e-mail)

DMSO also sponsors a related bulletin board maintained by the Tactical Warfare
Simulation and Technology Information Analysis Center (TWSTIAC). Contact

In the UK a bulletin board is maintained by DRA for UKSIWG. This is a gopher
server. Its internet address is All material on this server
will be accessible from other gopher servers. Links will be provided to and
from the DMSO and TWSTIAC bulletin Boards in the US.

File: DIS.faq
Title: DIS Frequently Asked Questions
Date: 4th August 1994

Summary: This is a list of frequently asked questions about DIS (Distributed
Interactive Simulation) and their answers. It has been prepared by Neil
Youngman of DRA Malvern for distribution within the UK Simulation
Interoperability Working Group. This list is aimed at helping people new to
the DIS community find out quickly where to obtain the material they need. It
is neither comprehensive, nor authoritative, rather it is intended as a set of
pointers to authoritative source material.

Please send suggestions and/or corrections to Neil Youngman -


regards, Don