Re: Office Space ;) and coordinate systems

Michael D. Doyle (
Sat, 3 Sep 1994 10:28:34 -0700

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>> :: Also, API vs. language: do you mean that there is a VRML library and we
>> :: write applications that link to it? Explain further (if I am being
>> :: stupid, then return via e-mail).
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>> :: Kevin
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>> I don`t entirely understand your question but I`ll take a stab at it. I
>> tend to conceptualize a project without regard to coding it at all.
> Yeah, my question was very much a coding vs non-coding question.

As long as people adhere to a standard API, simulations can be embedded
whole into HTML pages. It's also conceiveble that sub-scene elements could
be kept as "embeddable binary objects" in "libraries" on the Web somewhere
and VR designers could build scenes from various groups of these embeddable
objects. This would also fit well with economic models where these
Web-based libraries were rather more like bookstores than libraries, and
designers could "rent" modules for inclusion in commercial VR applications.
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