Re: TECH: Passwords, hidden places and VRML.

Linas Vepstas (
Thu, 4 Aug 1994 13:21:36 -0500

> Date: Wed, 3 Aug 94 16:59:56 EDT
> From: (Mark Waks)
> Subject: Re: TECH: Passwords, hidden places and VRML.

>> [Panu descirbes a scheme that sounds like Kerberos's ticket-granting
>> tickets]

> Web *will* be evolving better security systems fairly rapidly --
> they're necessary in order to get a lot of commercial applications up
> and running, and nothing drives technology quite as fast as money...
> -- Justin

Yes, agreed. Hopefully someone is working on security on the net. Again,
I'd rather stick to the 3D and adopt whatever standard emerges for security.

If someone wants to do a neat CGI hack for 3D mazes ... go for it. I don't
think this needs standardizing at this point.

Anyway -- anyone know where/how/who/when the security discussions are happening?