Re: Standardizing coordinate systems, units of measure

Gavin Bell (
Thu, 4 Aug 1994 12:01:08 -0700

On Aug 4, 11:48am, Linas Vepstas wrote:

> 3) as in grade school, where your sheet of graph paper lies on your
> horizontally, parallel to the ground, x is to the right, y is
> and z is up.

> I do not beleive that any of the above should be controversial. We
> gotten to any of the hard parts yet.

I still want Y up. I think of all of those vertical windows on my
screen as existing in the X-Y plane. I think of my mouse pointer as
moving in the X-Y plane, with the lower-left corner 0,0. (in my humble
opinion, X-windows really screwed up by putting the origin in the
upper-left corner of the screen...).

I think of pieces of graph paper in my computer as pasted to the
monitor's screen.