TECH: Passwords, hidden places and VRML.

Panu Ervamaa (
Wed, 3 Aug 1994 23:44:32 +0300 (EDT)

> > What if someone wants to build an labyrinth with www-links - maybe a

> one could set it up so that a web server honours an http request only if it
> came from a certain machine and/or user. It would only honour that request
> if the user had previously visited a certain set of other URLs
> (i.e. made it through the maze). In this way, merely handing the URL
> to somebody would not be enough to actually "get to it".
> --linas

Every vrml-space could simply have a password (say - an integer of
any length, 0=no passw), but in mazes a vrml-space should be able to talk with
the others about new passwords and password changes.. (a passwd could be an
"onetime enter-pass" that is destroyed after it's used)
Example: I'm in room 'A' and I'm entering the link to room 'D'
(destination) - 'A' says to 'D': hey, i have a customer here who is coming
there, could you please create an onetime enter-pass for him. 'D' creates it
and sends it to 'A', which send it to me - my browser receives an URL _and_
the password. Now when I connect to the room 'D', the password is sent to it
and if the pass is valid, my request is honoured by 'D'. At the same time the
pass gets invalid and i'll (and everybody else) need a new pass for entering
again. (The enter-pass or -passes could be created at the same time when
room 'A' vrml-specs is sent to my browser (if we have a good scripting
language to 'animate' the links - suppose we want to do a 'moongate'))

There is also a possibily, that the 'D' room could request a connect
with me if the 'A' room suggests it to do so. But will it be too unusual or
weird that web servers 'call' to you? I like the pass-system.

I think the security issues should be discussed now. It would be
nice if the interaction between vrml-spaces was included in the actual
language somehow. Anyway it looks like vrml-spaces will require somekind of
a 'motors' (a programm) to keep them alive.

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