Re: TECH: Passwords, hidden places and VRML.

Mark Waks (
Wed, 3 Aug 94 16:59:56 EDT

Panu writes:
> I think the security issues should be discussed now. It would be
>nice if the interaction between vrml-spaces was included in the actual
>language somehow. Anyway it looks like vrml-spaces will require somekind of
>a 'motors' (a programm) to keep them alive.

This strikes me as one of those cases that isn't particularly specific
to VRML -- it's pretty analogous to the situation in HTML, and we
ought to be using the same general solutions. Those solutions aren't
yet perfect (security mainly consists of checking the user's Net ID, I
believe), but they're probably enough for now, and I suspect that the
Web *will* be evolving better security systems fairly rapidly --
they're necessary in order to get a lot of commercial applications up
and running, and nothing drives technology quite as fast as money...

-- Justin

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