Re: LANG: Dynamic characteristics

Kevin Goldsmith (
Thu, 14 Jul 1994 20:44:56 -0700

On Jul 14, 4:22pm, Mark Waks wrote:
> Subject: Re: LANG: Dynamic characteristics
> Kevin writes:
> >these discussions of Lisp and Forth disturb me a little bit. We want
> >people to be able to create VRML documents. You can't expect an accountant
> >from Des Moines to learn lisp just for this?
> > [...]
> >We need a really simple, english-like scripting language, in my opinion, if
> >want real people to write scripts.
> Actually, what we need are good graphical design tools. I have yet to
> see an "English-like" language that an average person can actually
> use successfully without a fair bit of frustration. (And yes, I've
> played with a lot of them.)
I think that is beyond the scope of VRML, which does not and should not
assume the tools to create or view it's documents. I can understand that it is
very hard to create an easy to use language that has powerful enough
capabilities, but it would be good if we can do something that is simple enough
for someone without programming experience can do something useful quickly.


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