Re: LANG: Dynamic characteristics

Roger Layton (
Sat, 16 Jul 1994 10:12:02 -0700

> From: "Chris Holt" <>
> One thing that needs to be stressed is that just as people will
> have libraries of shapes of objects on their clients (so that
> if a scene indicates there is a fridge against the right wall,
> the client's definition of a fridge is used), so will they have
> libraries of standard behaviours. When people want lights to
> flash, clocks to tell the time, fans to rotate, these will all
> be held by the clients (once they're obtained the first time,
> which could be by virtually walking into a behaviour library
> or warehouse and selecting those items for home delivery).

When a client gains access to a server model some handshaking must be done.

During this handshaking process, the client's version is compared to the
server's version. If the client's view is out of date then any new
items added to the server model since last clients access are downloaded
prior to interaction.

PRO: All clients see the same model of the server
PRO: Reduced server impact, especially if models close to static
CON: Language must incorporate histories of updating and version control

Roger Layton.