Re: LANG: simplicitly

David Cake (
Mon, 18 Jul 94 12:10:36 WST

And if we are going to suggest languages with no specific VR
features for use as a scripting language for VRML, then another candidate is
John Ousterhauts tcl (tool command languages, pronounced 'tickle'). This
is a simple interpreted language designed for scripting tasks, it is text
based (ie it has only text as a data type, numbers etc. are types of text)
which makes it easy for systems that require authoring, it can be extended
in C, it can be embedded in a C program as a scripting system, it exists
in Mac, PC, Unix versions, there is an excellent X-Windows library for it
and lots of other libraries exist for it. It is public domain, and John
Ousterhaut is employed by Sun to work on various things including tcl, so
it is actively supported.
But should we be embedding this sort of language in the system? Lets
talk about wether such a scripting language is part of the system before
argueing about which one is most appropriate.
Dave Cake