LANG: dynamics, etc.

Thu, 14 Jul 1994 23:36:13 -0700 (PDT)

>In fact, it's not even clear to me that we should be aiming to
>standardize on just one scripting language. As long as VRML defines
>a standardized ASCII API for defining and manipulating geometry and
>scene parameters, I think we can gain by allowing different scripting
>tools. Of course, it's nice to be guaranteed that a certain minimal
>set of scripting languages will be accepted.
>In our experience with Geomview, this decoupling is very useful.
>There are Geomview modules written in Perl, awk, sh, TCL, and other
>scripting languages, in addition to compiled languages like C. Each
>language is useful in its domain. (The animated clock, for example,
>is an awk script.)

i would say that this is a standard starting: perhaps it makes more
sense to stand with standards, and let peoplle invent off of that as the need
comes. for this to be accepted, there should be few hitches of incompatibility
or complication at first - standardize everything, but leave room for
everything more...

- sven

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