PHIL: Meeting People in VRML space

Jerry Isdale (
Thu, 16 Jun 94 10:04:24 PDT

At 6:15 PM 6/15/94 -0500, Miles Lott wrote:
> ... My questions are:
> 1. What would enable someone travelling through VRML space to
>view another person (or open terminal) in that space ?

Under the WWW concepts, you really dont know if anyone else is in the
neighborhood. So this is entirely moot.

However, If you use WWW as a gateway into a MOO/MUSH type environment
(for which VRML/VRIF might be used as a basis), its a whole new ball game.
These multi-user spaces are intended primarily for social interaction in a
virtual (textual) environment.

I think the basic world description portion of VRML (VR Interchange Format)
would be very useful for exchanging info about a MOO world. Basic personal
represenations then become very much of interest and a fairly major
extension of the VRML (complex articulated, remotely controled entities).

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