Re: LANG: Object Sharing

Brian Behlendorf (
Thu, 16 Jun 1994 09:43:33 +0000 (GMT)

On Thu, 16 Jun 1994, John W. Barrus wrote:
> On Thur, 16 Jun 1994, "Daniel D. Todd" <> wrote:
> >This is getting a little afar from field. #D graphics, which are a major
> >part of the project here, adre by their very nature a visual experience.
> >To someone interested in accessing and representing data this way
> >descriptive ascii is ho hum, there are tons of applications that can
> >already supply this. while for the visually impaired it is critical and
> >a whole lot better than no description of the world, I think we can feel
> >pretty safe in not designing our 3d world to best suit the visually
> >impaired individuals. In the same fashion most musicians don't write
> >their music for hearing impaired audiences. That being said, I do think
> >it is important to allow some form of ascii description of the world for
> >both the computationally and visually impaired.
> Remember that it is hard to do a search on purely graphical items. What
> would the WWW Worm do, for instance, with VRML? Descriptions of items in
> the scene could be used for:
> - searches
> - more detailed descriptions of items while looking at a scene
> - text-only clients
> - creation and modification notices (Object Geneology?)
> - object names

Exactly. Much more efficient to look for keywords matching "Chair" in the
header of a file than an object that resembles a chair. At the very least
objects should be named, but giving a provision for even more descriptive
text would be a good thing, too.

I think it would be *great* to go to the WWW Worm and ask it for "chairs",
and have it return URL's for every different type of chair in cyberspace