Re: PHIL: Meeting People in VRML space

Carlos Pero (
Thu, 16 Jun 94 12:16:01 CDT

> At 6:15 PM 6/15/94 -0500, Miles Lott wrote:
> > ... My questions are:
> > 1. What would enable someone travelling through VRML space to
> >view another person (or open terminal) in that space ?
> Under the WWW concepts, you really dont know if anyone else is in the
> neighborhood. So this is entirely moot.
> However, If you use WWW as a gateway into a MOO/MUSH type environment
> (for which VRML/VRIF might be used as a basis), its a whole new ball game.
> These multi-user spaces are intended primarily for social interaction in a
> virtual (textual) environment.
> I think the basic world description portion of VRML (VR Interchange Format)
> would be very useful for exchanging info about a MOO world. Basic personal
> represenations then become very much of interest and a fairly major
> extension of the VRML (complex articulated, remotely controled entities).

Would such a "meeting" between two users be possible using WWW client-server
technology? One of the beautiful features of the WWW is that there is no
"live" connection...saves bandwidth.

So, if two people were somehow "conversing" through VRML, they would be
at the mercy of how quickly their clients could re-connect to the VRML server.

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