Sandy Ressler (
Fri, 10 Jun 94 10:20:43 EDT

Hello VRML-list
My name is Sandy (Sanford) Ressler and I run a small project called the
Open Virtual Reality Testbed (OVRT) at the National Institute of Standards and
Technology (NIST). This is a small lab with a few VR toys (small being
the operative word). The connection of VR to the web is exactly the direction
I am moving and there are a number of approaches we're looking at. For
a better description of the OVRT look at:

Being at a standards organization I can also probably get things going
in the formal standards world, if that is deemed appropriate. Many standards
efforts sink under their own weight. Of all the things I would suggest as
we try to flesh out VRML let's keep it simple and not bite off more that
we can chew.

One approach we are just starting is to take advantage of the remote control
capability of Mosaic. In this way you can right an arbitrary program (i.e.
a VR user interface) and have it drive Mosaic. Of course the portability
then becomes a major issue.

Sandy Ressler
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