Intro- Michael Maier

Michael Maier (
10 Jun 1994 08:57:56 -0600

Subject: Time:8:25 AM
OFFICE MEMO Intro: Michael Maier Date:6/10/94
My name is Michael Maier, a computer artist, at Argonne National Laboratory,
Chicago, IL (soon to move to Philadelphia, PA). My MOOnick is Mikol at

For several months I've talked with friends about the idea of a "visual
mud/moo" that would use some of the coding solutions of the game DOOM.
I also wanted this VIS-MOO to have links to/from mosaic (similar to gopher
links in muds).

For the non-technical, I believe 3d space would act as a memory aid. It would
elp orient people in the virtual world and get them to their data easier
(especially those who may not have the patience for pages of text). I don't
envision the complete elimination of text, I just see 3d as an enhancement of
what is already a lively place.

At the moment I do not know programming, but I am taking this summer to start
learning C. What I can contribute though is an artistic eye (visual thinking
as it were).

I hope to find or kludge an MFA program that combines art creation with with
programming skills. Basically, I want to learn how to create my own digital
paint brushes. I'm very exctied about the start of this list.

Michael Maier, Computer Artist
Argonne National Laboratory
or you can see my artwork at
(look for images with MAM label)