Fri, 10 Jun 94 11:00:26 EDT

My mind is a blur of 3d polygons. I simply hope we provide a map for the
users. Like Michael Maier my intro to VR is thru playing (and researching
) MOOs. The addictive (some might say immersive) qualities of text based
virtual reality stem from (IMHO) the interaction between participants and the
"last page in a book" feeling you get from the scrolling text. I don't get
the same "excitement" when I web from site to site. Maybe it's the delay
(my dial up only offers PPP at 9600), maybe it's the lack of interaction.

I have read up on the General Magic "interface" and the idea of creating a
city scape thru network linkages. I keep hearing about graphical MUDs.
And now we have this....I would love to see the web pages I maintain for
Diversity University MOO be an open door into the MOO and to other places
of interest. I would also like the MOO to be more graphical (DOOM mapper?)
and perhaps with individual rooms distributed throughout the net. I think
using WWW and MOO together seems like a good direction for this project. I
second the call for a VRML MOO and perhaps this will be the basis for
experimenting in this shared space. The spirit of collaboration is what has
brought us together and we need a means to communicate.

take care all.

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