Re: OLE/COM - Microsoft's Strategy For Once Again Dominating The Software Industry

Paul Everitt (
Sat, 09 Dec 1995 10:35:24 -0500

In reply to Prasad's reference to Dan Connolly's page:

There is a link there to our work on integrating ILU (and thus
CORBA-type object systems) with the Web:

IMHO, there is space for a low-end distributed object strategy based
around CORBA, and using net software. Much in the same way that HTML
surpassed SGML on the net, due to simplicity of implementation, this
strategy helps to start getting objects out there. The fact that it
eliminates CGI, as well as machine boundaries, is a further win.

If anyone is interested in more discussion, feel free to send me an
email. We have object requesters written to the Apache API (Linux and
Solaris in use) and the Netsite API (Solaris and NT in use). We are
heavily using the wondrous Python scripting lanuage:
on Unices, NT, and Win95 to implement our objects, as well as some C and

I strongly feel that a best first step is a simple scripting language,
and a mature object infrastructure, combined to plug into the Web (thus
avoiding client issues). A next step would be use of multiple
languages, and getting object references into browser.

We just did a tutorial at the 3rd Python Workshop on what we are doing
-- feel free to contact me for details.

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