Re: OLE/COM - Microsoft's Strategy For Once Again Dominating The Software Industry

Paul Everitt (
Sat, 09 Dec 1995 11:38:18 -0500

""Adam T. McClure"" wrote:

> It also seems that the main reason CORBA hasn't caught on yet with
> the development and web communities is that there is no source-level,
> free implementation available. If I had the time, and some cash I
> would love to put it together myself, but I lack the latter and
> therefore the former.

Basically, that is what we felt, and were lucky to find ILU. It doesn't
really give you an out-of-the-box solution, just the tools to make one.
Which is what we did, and connected it to httpd APIs to eliminate CGI.

The following is a sample published object, implemented in Python. As
you can see, most of the lines are HTML formatting:

import wwworb, ilu


form='''<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="simple">
Input #1<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="Input_1"><br>
Input #2<INPUT NAME="Input_2" TYPE="RADIO" VALUE="Value_1" CHECKED>Value
<INPUT NAME="Input_2" TYPE="RADIO" VALUE="Value_2">Value 2<br>
<INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="SubmitMethod" VALUE="Post Me!!">

class SimpleNode(wwworb.Node):
ReturnString = '''<head><title>Parameter Display</title></head><body>
Here were the parameters to %s<br>
</dl>''' + form + '</body>'

def __init__(self,handle):
self.IluInstHandle = handle
print 'Published %s' % self.IluSBH()

def Get(self,req): return wwworb.Response(self.ReturnString %
def Post(self,req): return wwworb.Response(self.ReturnString %


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