Re: OLE/COM - Microsoft's Strategy For Once Again Dominating The Software Industry

Daniel W. Connolly (
Sat, 09 Dec 1995 00:31:22 -0500

In message <>, Prasad Wagle writes:
>... One option is OpenDoc.
>The W3C is also working on a compound document standard based on HTML.

Er... I dunno if I'd mention HTML (with A, IMG, EMBED/APP/APPLET) and
OpenDoc in the same breath -- the scope of functionality is vastly
different. But yes, we're working on rounding out HTML's linking and
embedding mechanisms. A press release about "active objects" or some
such went out today regarding some work we've got going with several
major players. The technical draft should be publicly available soon
after we recover from the WWW4 conference.

Speaking of the conference, I'll be on a panel about this sort
of thing:

"The Future of Object Technology in the WWW"
Submitted by Mark Madsen, Information Services Framework, APM Ltd

> Information on the W3C site:

Er... that's a pretty raw document that Rohit and myself have only
spent a little time on. There are a couple other documents that folks
should look at:

"WW and OO" in the W3C Activity List: (by TimBL)

OORPC Protocol Development