Steve Harris (
Wed, 23 Aug 1995 07:18:30 -0700


I think that the question of formats between the different listserves would
be a significant problem.

But in addition, I wonder what the value of having it as part of the
core language is, compared to being a core cgi-bin script?

There are two places the language can expand:

1) the language syntax
2) the language support libraries.

(I see the cgi-bin scripts as support libraries)

We have:

as a way of making majordomo subscriptions. Why does this need to move
into the core language? (Steve Harris) writes:

% I'm an extreme novice at HTML and I have the temerity to suggest a "gap"
% in the language that might be easily and usefully filled.
% It's easy enough to create a straight "mailto" link but if the link is to
% a mailing list (such as LISTSERV types) or other mail driven resource, the
% user has to type in "SUBSCRIBE WHATEVER-L "John Doe" or something.
% How much better if this were to be automated :-)
% So, an extension would fill in the required details. It would get the main
% syntax from the HTML itself while the user's browser can provide the name
% and e-mail address (if required)
% My particular project is to make my "Emotional Support on the Internet"
% more accessible. Many of the support groups are mailing lists. To take a
% look at the *very* early prototype, check out:
% ces-list/faq.html
% Hope I've been suggesting this in the right place. If it's necessary to
% subscribe to see the response, please can someone mail me and tell me how.
% Daniel W. Connolly just gave me the address.
% Steve

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