Steve Harris (
Wed, 23 Aug 95 11:30 BST-1

I'm an extreme novice at HTML and I have the temerity to suggest a "gap"
in the language that might be easily and usefully filled.

It's easy enough to create a straight "mailto" link but if the link is to
a mailing list (such as LISTSERV types) or other mail driven resource, the
user has to type in "SUBSCRIBE WHATEVER-L "John Doe" or something.

How much better if this were to be automated :-)

So, an extension would fill in the required details. It would get the main
syntax from the HTML itself while the user's browser can provide the name
and e-mail address (if required)

My particular project is to make my "Emotional Support on the Internet"
more accessible. Many of the support groups are mailing lists. To take a
look at the *very* early prototype, check out:

Hope I've been suggesting this in the right place. If it's necessary to
subscribe to see the response, please can someone mail me and tell me how.
Daniel W. Connolly just gave me the address.