Re: Compuserve's Web browser

Dave Cardinal (
Thu, 20 Apr 1995 20:13:12 +0500

For the record, I downloaded WinCIM 1.4 and installed NetLauncher
1.0 (including the Compuserve version of Spry Mosaic) on my machine
which has copies of Spry, Spyglass, NetScape, and NCSA browsers
to no ill effect on any of them. Maybe I was just lucky?!

However, it does muck with your winsock.dll, since the Dialer which
comes with NetLauncher has its own (part of the value). I have yet
to find a nice way to have multiple different WINSOCK.DLLs so that I
can use different PPP or LAN TCP implementations conveniently.

At 12:52 PM 4/20/95 +0500, Chris Brenton at DPICORP wrote:
>I picked this up off another thread. While I have not personally verified if
>this is true, I felt it was critical enough to pass along as a warning.
>>>Subject: CompuServe searchs-and-destroys all other browsers >>
>>>Good morning etherworld....
>>>Just had an interesting conversation with my ex-boss (still good friends)
>>>about what happens when you have many browsers on your system (Mosaic,
>>>Netscape, Spry etc...) and then download the browser from Compuserve.
>>>When someone launches the Cserve browser, it search-and-destroys all
>>>other browsers on you system. This is no joke. She has three hard drives,
>>>where her Compuserve account was on d: and all of her others were
>>>scattered. When she launche Cserve to do an evaluation of their offering,
>>>the configuration searched out her whole system, erased dll files and exe
>>>files from the other browsers, pulled in the bookmark.htm files into its
>>>own configuration, and trashed her Winsock.
>>>Boy is she pissed. She emailed Cserve threatening a suit (she has the
>>>clout to do it too) and screamed at them for their arrogance. They >
>>*called* her back and told her to take it court!!!!
>>>Pass this along to anyone you know. Of course I doubt any of us use
>>>Compuserve but there are many innocents who don't know any better!

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