Compuserve's Web browser

Chris Brenton at DPICORP (
Thu, 20 Apr 1995 12:23:35 +0500

I picked this up off another thread. While I have not personally verified if
this is true, I felt it was critical enough to pass along as a warning.

>>Subject: CompuServe searchs-and-destroys all other browsers >>
>>Good morning etherworld....
>>Just had an interesting conversation with my ex-boss (still good friends)
>>about what happens when you have many browsers on your system (Mosaic,
>>Netscape, Spry etc...) and then download the browser from Compuserve.
>>When someone launches the Cserve browser, it search-and-destroys all
>>other browsers on you system. This is no joke. She has three hard drives,
>>where her Compuserve account was on d: and all of her others were
>>scattered. When she launche Cserve to do an evaluation of their offering,
>>the configuration searched out her whole system, erased dll files and exe
>>files from the other browsers, pulled in the bookmark.htm files into its
>>own configuration, and trashed her Winsock.
>>Boy is she pissed. She emailed Cserve threatening a suit (she has the
>>clout to do it too) and screamed at them for their arrogance. They >
>*called* her back and told her to take it court!!!!
>>Pass this along to anyone you know. Of course I doubt any of us use
>>Compuserve but there are many innocents who don't know any better!