Re[2]: Compuserve's Web browser

Mark Clear (
Thu, 20 Apr 1995 20:24:41 +0500

I think the rumors about Compuserve's broswer "seeking and destroying"
competitive browsers may be an exagerated translation of the following,
seen on comp.infosystems.www.misc:

> One word of caution, Compuserve has implemented the
>installation program in such a way that it seeks out and tries to
>cripple any other winsock.dll file it can find in your directory
>structure. I am sure that Compuserve will say that this is to avoid
>any possible conflicts with other winsocks, but IMHO, they are trying
>to disable any competition. The install program demands that it rename
>any other winsock.dll file it finds. The program will not load if this
>is not done. Renaming a winsock file in the Netmanage or Trumpet
>directory will effectively kill those programs from ever running unless
>you manually go in and rename the winsock file properly.
>To make doubly sure that you don't run a competitive product (again
>IMHO), they load their winsock.dll in your Windows directory so that
>their winsock (which by the way is only compatible with their software)
>will load every time you run windows. How nice. . .

Not very friendly, but I wouldn't exactly call my lawyer over it, either.

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