Re: Compuserve's Web browser

Laura Lemay, Killer of Trees (
Thu, 20 Apr 1995 19:13:36 +0500

>> I picked this up off another thread. While I have not personally verified if
>> this is true, I felt it was critical enough to pass along as a warning.
>> >>Subject: CompuServe searchs-and-destroys all other browsers >>
>> >>Good morning etherworld....

This is another one of those instances where things are sent so fast in
email and blown so quickly out of proportion that the hysteria travels
faster than the sense. And yet another instance where you all should
think before you forward angry and hysterical rumors as absolute truth.

I'm on the original list where this was posted, and the author later
claimed that this was a misunderstanding between him and his ex-boss.

And it has also been posted that CIS does have its own WINSOCK which is
installed when you install their software. But it merely moves your
original aside so you can put it back if you want to. It hardly erases
"all your other browsers."