Re: Web server name?

Robert A. Lentz (
Sat, 21 Jan 1995 08:25:58 +0100


> Nick Arnett said:
> > Is anyone else thinking about this? Shall we just forge ahead and make a
> > proposal for a way to implement this? I'm thinking that perhaps it should
> > be an element in the header of the default document. Ideas?
> How does this cope with multiple weblets on the same server? For
> example the Computer Graphics Unit, Geology Department, MAN T&EC and
> University of Manchester and Manchester Computiing Centre are all on the
> same server at the same port, just in different parts of the document
> tree. We would want a different name for each part.

I sent mail back to Nick suggesting that we piggy-back on the Realm concept
the security folks are developing.


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