Re: History of WWW, HTML and SGML

Bruce Moxon (
Sat, 21 Jan 1995 08:11:14 +0100

At 11:54 PM 1/19/95, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:
>In message <>, James Michael Stew
>art writes:
>>Also lists or graphs of statistics about the web would be of great help.
>Hmmm... MERIT maintains stats on the Internet, including the Web.
>Joseph Hardin gave a talk about the size of the web, including some
>impressive graphs showing exponential growth. I don't where these
>live, though.

Try the following ...

Merit NIC NSFNET backbone statistics provided by Ga Tech's Graphics Vis &
Usage Center (GVU)

This group has also done some survey work on users and usage of the Web.

Perhaps also of interest ...

"Mosaic Will Kill My Network!" -
Studying Network Traffic Patterns of
Mosaic Use

A WWW2 paper by Jeff Sedayao, Software Systems Engineer, Intel Corporation